Dedication to our customer’s needs is, year after year, the cornerstone of our company.
You will never regret having chosen the best, because you will always find answers to your questions from a trusting staff.

Not just technicians: our people care.

  • The only existing factory exclusively designed and dedicated to Lab Animal Diets;
  • plant made up of stainless steel and concrete to guarantee the best preservation of the raw material;
  • in order to prevent “cross contamination” always-clean pneumatic transport, no endless screws, no dead corners;
  • full traceability from the raw materials to the finished products (by means of computer files/software and archived paper documents);
  • standard (fixed) formulation absolutely guaranteed – no formula “optimization”;
  • manager software exclusively developed for our Lab Animal Diet production;
  • metal detector device in the production line;
  • no phases of production subcontracted;
  • pest controlled, rodent-free facility;
  • special custom formula diets manufactured in a separate plant in situ;
  • internal laboratory of analysis: complies with the principles of UNI EN ISO 17025;
  • UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification (latest edition);
  • UNI EN ISO 22000 Certification (latest edition) FOR LABORATORY ANIMAL DIET PRODUCTION (G.M.P.) – exclusive in the market;
  • researcher’s audits and visiting groups at Settimo Milanese factory are strongly encouraged.