Rodis Uno


Gnawing wooden blocks developed for rabbits and rodents as Environmental Enrichment.

Available conventional and irradiated (in double plastic sealed bags).

Certification for contaminantsper batch.

Dimension: mm 80 x 30 x 30

Cartons of 200 blocks.

Antrum 8 – Antrum 11 – Antrum 15


Food grade cellulose tunnels, specially designed to be used for rats, mice and hamsters as shelters and homes.

The Environmental Enrichment is available conventional and irradiated (in double plastic sealed bags).

Certification of contaminants per batch of cellulose.

Antrum 8
length mm 75 – diam. mm 40 – cartons of 252 tunnels
Antrum 11
length mm 110 – diam. mm 54 – cartons of 100 tunnels
Antrum 15
length mm 148 – diam. mm 75 – cartons of 35 tunnels


Nidus is a square of compacted paper strips used for nesting rodents.

This product stimulates the activity of the animal with the decompaction of the paper strips and the making of the nest.
The compaction is designed so that the animal can decompress it without too much difficulty.
The nest helps promote the comfort of the adult animals and the puppies.
Boxes of 360 pieces.

Party Fruit

Complementary feed for primates

Formulated to meet the psychological and behavioural needs of animals housed for scientific purposes, the product may be made available ad libitum or as required by an experimental study.
Complementary to the daily diet, Party fruit allows the animal to have various fruits for a more various and full sensory experience.
COMPOSITION: Sultanas, bananas, pineapple, papaya, coconut strips, cottonseed oil, coconut oil, sucrose, honey
Protein 1,5%
Crude oils and fats 8%
Crude fiber 2%
Crude Ash 2%
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Include 1-2% in the daily ration of primates
SHELF LIFE: 16 months from DOM
PACKAGING: the product is supplied in 10 kg boxes (4 plastic bags of kg 2,5)
Keep cool and dry