Do your GMP require GMP diets? We are the only state of art company that can answer YES.

Safety :
UNI EN ISO 22000 : 2005
UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008

For your complete safety Mucedola employs a stainless steel, chemical-free dedicated “factory” in lab animal diets production, not just a dedicated “plant” where any contamination is possible. This factory has been designed for laboratory animal diets and not converted from farm animal production.

Please audit us !

For any added and medicated diets we have 2 fully authorized separated factories.

Every bags and packs are screened by a metal detector while samples are taken in-line for every production batch (internal procedure as per European legislation). In order to guarantee the best preservation, finished products are stored in a controlled temperature room.

After 55 years activity in animal nutrition and 18 years being ISO 9001 certified we obtained the top quality safety standard with ISO 22000 certification for the production of lab animal diets. It is recognized worldwide as the maximum level HACCP system certification.

This absolutely important document summarizes and certifies all the deep monitoring, prevention, control activity.

No misleading claims, when GMP are an unescapable need for you, Mucedola doesn’t just “comply with” but “is”.



This concept is transient not just immediate. Our traceability is not a claim of the moment: indeed your actual single production batch since years ago can be shown from our electronic and paper files, as Mucedola can prove by documents to have been the first company adopting the traceability concept.
This is also valid for the fix formula verification during the years




Confections are prepared either in standard or custom packages (vacuum carton boxes, vacuum buckets, paper bags, autoclaved jars, etc.).
Quite a large variety of different shapes are available from pellets to biscuits for the Shuttle Mission STS 128 (no gravity dispensing).


  • Purified diets

    AIN-93G ; AIN-93M (Low Fluorescence Diet) ; AIN-76A

    High/Low Fat/Protein Diets

    Cholesterol rich diets (e.g. Western Diet)

    Carbohydrates rich diets

    Mineral/Vitamin Deficient Diets

  • Synthetic diets
  • Custom Formula Diets
  • Added Diets
  • Medicated Diets


Dedicated stainless steel plant and expressly trained personnel.


Internal laboratory for analyses (chemical, microbiological) available for the customers.

External laboratory for those analyses we don’t carry out directly (e.g. pesticides).

Samples of all the production are kept at customer’s disposal.

Formulation of Special Diets by our technical staff, thus supporting step by step the researcher in his programme.

Confidentiality agreements as usual part of the projects.
Veterinarian certificates are supplied whenever necessary.

In order to confirm our extreme technical flexibility we don’t have a minimum quantity order.