Scobis Due
Scobis Due G8

Vegetable bedding for laboratory animals.

Technical characteristics:

Vegetable bedding entirely made of corncob.

Its apparent density is about 550 g/l while its medium granulometry is 1- 2 mm.

The G8 version granulometry is 2.5-3.5 mm and density is 500 g/l.

Its peculiar characteristics make it extremely suitable for the management of laboratory animals:

  • High absorbency due to the particular cell-like structure (about as much as its own weight);
  • resistance to the abrasion and damage during the transportation and handling helps to avoid absolutely the forming of dust;
  • stability in time and absence of electrostatic charges;
  • very low level of humidity ( about 10%) after the treatment at around 70°C;
  • biodegradability helps to save money in the elimination of waste.


It comes in polythene autoclavable bags of volume 20/40 liters (about 10/20 kg). The bags are easy to autoclave.
The pallets are wrapped with a plastic film for a full protection against environmental pallutants.


  • Irradiation
  • Double packaging