Scobis Zero

Vegetable bedding for laboratory animals.

Technical characteristics:

Scobis Zero bedding is made of wood chips, originated from wood of spruce.
The chips are sieved and dedusted before packaging.

Their size is between 4 and 16 mm and the density is about 70 g/l.
The absorbency is about 3 times the weight of the product.

Scobis Zero is produced in a factory specialized in the production of Laboratory Animal Bedding.
Due to the moisture level about 12%, the bedding can be stored for a long time in dry conditions.

Mucedola quality procedures:

The Scobis Zero is part of the quality program of Mucedola and the certification follows the same procedures as for the animal diets.

All the beddings are delivered along with an analysis of contaminants.
At every new batch a new analysis is made and a new certificate is released.

The development of the Scobis Zero has taken us time, we have selected a product that corresponds to what we consider the key points for any animal house:

  • Standardization
  • Lowest contaminants
  • Safety
  • Easy management


Scobis Zero is delivered in polythene autoclavable bags of about 4 kg. The bags are easy to autoclave (volume 50 liters). The pallets are wrapped with a plastic film for a full protection against environmental pollutants.


  • Irradiation
  • Double packaging