Scobis Bags

Individually Packed Vegetable Bedding.

Small cellulose bags of about 100 grams or other different sizes come in boxes of 50 or 100 (other type upon request).
The particular kind of bedding can also be considered as an “Environmental Enrichment” as rodents are pleasantly busy over the job of digging and nibbling.
Scobis Bags enables saving time in managing the animal facility and makes husbandry practice easier.

Technical characteristics:

Scobis Bags bedding is made of wood particles, obtained from spruce, or aspen or corn cob.
The particles have been dried, sieved and dedusted before the packaging in cellulose envelopes.
See the relevant product sheets.
The drying process is done by a high temperature treatment which helps to maximize bacterial load reduction.
Due to the moisture level about 12%, the bedding can be stored for a long time in dry conditions.

Mucedola quality procedures:

Scobis Bags is part of the quality program of Mucedola, and undergoes the same certification procedures as the animal diets.
The bedding is delivered with a certificate of analysis relevant to the content of contaminants in that batch.
At every new batch, a new analysis report is released.


Scobis Bags is delivered in cartons with 50-100 bags according to the type. The pallets are wrapped with a plastic film for a full protection against environmental pollutants.


  • Irradiation
  • Double packaging